FACTI Panelists, in their own words

March 11, 2021

FACTI Panelists, in their own words

Since the launch of the FACTI Panel report on 25 February 2021, the global press has been abuzz with its recommendations for improving the international financial system to better contribute to sustainable development outcomes. Over 300 articles have been published around the world on the Panel’s calls for strengthening financial integrity globally – including several pieces by FACTI Panelists themselves.

The FACTI Co-chairs' op-eds were are already listed, and below is a roundup of FACTI Panelists’ contributions to the ongoing discussion. This post will be updated periodically, so check back for more – and be sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn as well.

By Benedicte Schilbred Fasmer:

The global private sector must foster financial integrity (US News & World Report)

Letter: Business leaders must do more to fight corruption (Financial Times)

By Jose Antonio Ocampo:

Financial integrity for sustainable development (OECD Development Matters Blog)

By Karim Daher:

Corruption and tax evasion are depriving the world of trillions of dollars (Forbes Middle East, in Arabic)

To reach Sustainable Development Goals, corruption has got to go (The National, UAE)

By Magdalena Sepulveda:

Do You Want a More Caring—and Feminist Society? Tax Better! (Common dreams, also available in Mediapart - in French, El Pais – in Spanish, Jornal Economico – in Portuguese)

By Yu Yongding:

Tax havens are sabotaging the SDGs  (Project Syndicate)

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