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March 2, 2021

Informal technical briefing for United Nations delegates in Vienna


On 25 February 2021, the FACTI Panel will release its report which will provide 14 recommendations for promoting financial integrity for sustainable development. These recommendations, which the FACTI Panel believes are technically feasible and politically viable, will revitalize the global architecture to combat illicit financial flows with a view to cementing ‘financial integrity for sustainable development’. A launch event will include interventions from heads of state and government as well as a multi-stakeholder moderated discussion segment among ministers, executives and heads of civil society organisations.


This informal technical briefing, organized jointly by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime and the FACTI Panel Secretariat, will give representatives of Permanent Missions in Vienna the opportunity to engage with the FACTI panel and each other in a dialogue on the recommendations contained in the report.


Welcoming remarks (5 min)

− Mr. Navid Hanif, Director, Financing for Sustainable Development Office, UN DESA

− Mr. John Brandolino, Director, Treaty Division, UNODC

Presentation of main recommendations (15 min), moderated by Ms. Brigitte Strobel-Shaw, Chief of the Corruption and Economic Crime Branch, UNODC

− Mr. Thomas Stelzer, Dean, International Anti-Corruption Academy and FACTI Panel Member

− Mr. Gamal Ibrahim, Chief, FACTI Panel Secretariat

Question & answer and open discussion (up to 55-60 min)

Closing remarks (5 min)

− Mr. Thomas Stelzer

− Mr. John Brandolino


All Permanent Missions in Vienna are invited. To ensure connection details to the meeting are directed efficiently, delegates are invited to register here.

Additional information

The final report of the FACTI Panel will be available online from 25 February 2021. For further information, please contact Ms. Maud Perdriel ([email protected]) at the FACTI Panel Secretariat.