Updated calendar of FACTI Panel meetings

October 16, 2020

Today the FACTI Panel Co-chairs are publishing an updated calendar for the future work of the Panel. Please note that all dates are tentative, and additional meetings may be added.

Keeping in mind the ongoing travel restrictions in all parts of the world, and the current health and safety concerns, the FACTI Panel has decided to make all  consultations and meetings virtual for the fopreseeable future.

Continuing the transparency in the Panel’s work, the calendar also includes internal meetings. In October, Panel members will meet in the Panel's 3 clusters to brainstorm on final recommendations.  

High-level regional consultations with Member States and stakeholders will be held in November, culminating in a Panel-wide meeting at the end of November. The Panel will continue to keep Member States updated throughout December and January and will present the Panel's final report in February.

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