New issues notes provide background and guiding questions for inputs and consultations

November 6, 2020

The FACTI Panel Secretariat has produced a series of short issues notes to provide brief introductions to some of the topics that the Panel is addressing as it prepares its final report. The notes are based on the FACTI Panel’s interim report, but they also present guiding questions for all stakeholders.

The notes can be useful guidance for stakeholders – including Member States and non-state actors such as civil society and the private sector – as they prepare for participation in the high level regional consultations occurring in November. The guiding questions can also prompt stakeholders that wish to submit written comments. The Panel has requested that all written comments be provided by the end of November.

Below is a list of issues notes, organized by the section they reference in the interim report:

Full details of the high level regional consultations are available on the events pages. Consultations are being held in Europe (9 Nov), Asia (12 Nov), Africa (English & French, 18 Nov), and Latin America & the Caribbean (English & Spanish, 24 Nov).

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