In-depth background papers are being prepared

June 17, 2020

Based on feedback and inputs from extensive consultations and written submissions, the FACTI Panel is continuously deepening its analytical work. To support the Panel’s deliberation, the Panel Secretariat has commissioned expert consultants in the fields of financial accountability, transparency and integrity to develop further background papers for deeper assessment of challenges, trends, and proposals to remedy gaps and vulnerabilities in the current systems.

These background papers will focus on specific topics of interest to the Panel and will be used to prepare the Panel’s interim and final reports. The topics are as follows:

  • Tax information production, sharing, use and publication
  • Appropriateness of international tax norms to developing country contexts
  • Transparency of asset and beneficial ownership information
  • Anti-corruption measures
  • Foreign bribery investigations and prosecutions
  • Enhancing asset recovery and return
  • Peer review in financial integrity matter

The Secretariat has prepared an information note that provides more detail about the papers.

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