FACTI Panel publishes tentative roadmap

May 20, 2020

Given the ongoing travel and meeting restrictions due to COVID-19, the FACTI Panel Co-chairs have been continuously reassessing how to progress the work of the Panel. Today the Co-chairs are publishing a tentative roadmap for the future work of the Panel.

The Co-chairs wanted to emphasize transparency in the Panel’s work. In May, the Panel plans to hold more virtual consultations with relevant international institutions. In June, the Panel’s clusters will deepen their analytical work, culminating in Panel a video conference at the end of June. The Panel would like to engage with Member States again in July.

As many international events are still unconfirmed, including those that usually happen on a regular schedule, the Panel Co-chairs are still judging the best means of how and when the Panel will hold discussions over the course of the year, as well as how the Panel will engage with stakeholders.

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