FACTI Panel holds consultation with UN Member States

April 24, 2020

The FACTI Panel held a virtual consultation with Member States on Friday 24 April. This was the first chance the fully composed Panel has had to interact with Member States.

More than 160 people participated in the meeting as 24 Member States took the floor to speak about their priorities and interests. The speakers included 10 Ambassadors, group statements by the African Group and the European Union, and interventions by delegations from all regions.

Member States commented on all the clusters that were agreed at the Panel’s first meeting. They also asked questions about the Panel’s work programme and how the Panel will seek to move its work forward.

A video of the consultation is now up on the FACTI website. A fuller summary of the consultation will be posted in due course.

This was the Panel's first virtual consultations, and is one of several planned over the next weeks. Future consultations include a global town hall with civil society (28 April), and meetings on the three clusters of the Panel’s work: accountability, public reporting and anti-corruption measures (30 April); tax cooperation (5 May); and cooperation and settling disputes (8 May).

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