Call for comments from all stakeholders

April 30, 2020

FACTI is mandated to solicit comments and suggestions from interested stakeholders including policymakers and government officials, representatives of international agencies, academics, the private sector and members of civil society, both at its formal meetings and between them.

In our first video conference, held on 31 March 2020, Panel Members discussed the first background paper prepared by the FACTI Secretariat. They also agreed to split up further work into three clusters: improving cooperation in tax matters; accountability, public reporting and anti-corruption measures; and cooperation and settling disputes.

The Panel also decided, due to the inability to meet physically as a result of COVID-19, to hold a number of virtual consultations to solicit comments and suggestions from interested stakeholders. However, recognizing that it is not possible for all interested stakeholders to participate in meetings, we would like to invite written comments and suggestions.

The Panel requests written comments on any aspect of the background paper, the three clusters that were agreed, and the key priorities and concerns of stakeholders. Written input should preferably be concise, and the Panel may decide to publish any comments received on the Panel’s website, if appropriate.

Please submit your written comments by 24 May 2020 to [email protected].

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.

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